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About Manuela

Hi! I’m Manuela, an Italian Gastronome, and I guarantee you one thing:

Soul-soothing meals that are wholesome and simple 

To first understand who I am, we better get you up to speed on what exactly is a Gastronome? In short, I am a food industry expert, where I follow the cycles of food:  from agricultural production to the transformation of the product and the distribution and consumption. My deep-rooted love and understanding of food drove me to pursue various roles in this field, from the personal chef of a royal family in Dubai to a Food Stylist in Mexico City (and a casual cookie maker in Cape Town, South Africa).

Manuela-10 Pasta.jpg

After many experiences abroad, learning and appreciating the food of other cultures, I realized how little I knew about my region of origin. Just as a gastronome does, I kicked off a new food adventure, where I resided in Molise for half year, studying and learning about the incredible cuisine this region offers.

I currently live in San Antonio, Texas and work as a freelance Food Stylist. 

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