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About Italian Food Therapy

I am an Italian at my core but I have been fortunate to live in several different countries. From Dubai and South Africa, to the U.S. and Mexico — and many places in between — I have traveled these parts of the world to learn as much as possible about flavors, textures and history of global cuisines. To me, learning about a local dish is the best way to get in touch with the culture, the people, and the system that created it.

Although I love to cook all types of recipes, in my everyday life I mostly eat “Italian” inspired dishes — most of my lunches consist of warm and delicious bowls of pasta!


However, when I mention this to friends and colleagues, they are surprised because they think that pasta, and Italian food in general, is not healthy. Well, this is what Italian Food Therapy is all about. I want to show you that Italian food can not only be healthy and nutritious, but fun to cook and just indulgent enough to make it good for the soul.


In this blog, you will find straightforward, simple, yet tasty Italian recipes that you can quickly replicate at home. And most importantly these will be recipes that you can feel good about. While not all recipes will be “traditional”, they will always be inspired by my own culture. And sometimes, they may even be influenced by all the beautiful cultures I have experienced throughout the world. In addition to these tasty treats, the gastronome in me will share some of the interesting things I have learned about the amazing world of food, whether it’s interesting nutritional information, historical context or the folklore behind the recipe or ingredients I’m working with. So whether you’re looking for innovative Italian eats, or something a bit deeper, Italian Food Therapy will be an experience for every type of cook!

 I invite you to join in the fun!

Don't skip therapy!

Farfalle, white center


Farfalle, white center
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