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Ciambelle al Vino "Wine cookies"

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

“Ciambelle al Vino”are rustic-looking, lightly aromatic, crunchy, and not overly sweet cookies.

Ciambelle al vino (literally “Wine donuts”) are typical sweet baked goods from the “Castelli Romani” area, which it happens to be the place were I was born in Italy. This area is south of Rome - in the Lazio region - and comprehend a series of lovely small towns scattered on rolling hills with lovely scenic views. The area used to be famous for making good quality wines since the times of the Ancient Roman and nowadays the production continues.

The origins of Ciambelle al vino are very ancient and linked to the peasant culture of the Lazio countryside. They were a poor “dessert”, prepared with the few ingredients that were available in the common household’s pantries.

They can be enjoyed with coffee, but the traditional Italian way of eating them is dipping them in wine! If you will ever visit Rome and Castelli Romani, you will have to give it a try! Or you can sign up to a cooking class with me and I will teach you how to make them!


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